offers these original accredited proven revolutionary correspondence courses for the professional person who is committed to the best and who is also conscious and very busy with work, home life, and travel commitments.  These interactive correspondence courses have a proven track record of training cross functional employees from over 2000 companies with three specific goals:

  • Educate engineers, all empowered employees, technicians, inspectors, and management personnel in Quality Management, Quality Engineering. Quality Auditing, Reliability Engineering, Software Quality Engineering, Quality Technician, Quality Inspector, to support the Total Quality effort!

  • Prepare people who are interested in becoming certified as CQE, CQA, CQMgr/OE, CRE, CSQE, CQT, CQI, Lead Auditors from ASQ and/or help their companies to meet ISO9000/QS9000 standards or achieve customer/industry recognition.

  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or apply for recertification units (RUs) credited to ASQ, or other professional certification bodies.  Note that or its parent company TBSC Inc. is not associated with ASQ, or other  professional certification bodies and the student should apply directly to these associations for certification exam related information and RUs.