JOIN AS A GROUP AND SAVE:  For groups of 4 or more, a discount of $30 each will be applied.  Inquire on additional discounts for 10 or more people.

  Series Cost
  Quality Engineering, CQE (ASQ) CQE08-02 $ 515.00
  Quality Technician, CQT (ASQ) CQT08-02 $ 495.00
  Quality Inspector, CQI (ASQ) CQI08-02 $ 490.00
  Quality Auditing, CQA (ASQ) CQA08-02 $ 499.00
  Reliability Engineering, CRE (ASQ) CRE08-02 $ 545.00
  Quality Management, CQMgr/OE (ASQ) CQM08-02 $ 555.00
  Software Quality Engineering, CSQE (ASQ) CSQE08-02 $ 540.00

Shipping & Handling Cost* (See below)


*  Add $30 for U.S., $50 for Canadian, Alaska and Hawaii shipments, $100 for Mexico & South America, and $180 for International (Some International shipments may require a quote) and $220 for Far East for Shipping & Handling

  Company Check for _______________  Company Purchase Order:  PO Included 

You need to fill a separate sheet for each individual enrolled in case the enrollment is for a group.        E-mail address of each individual must be shown as it is used for personal ID.

  Please enroll an individual         a group size of ____ at the group rate ________________

 We prefer that you scan this enrollment form and send via an e-mail if possible or save as word document and send via e-mail as attachment.

Name: _____________________________         E-Mail: ____________________________________
Home Address: ________________________________________________
Home Phone: ______________________
Company: ____________________________________________________
Title: _____________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
Telephone: ________________________                 Fax: _____________________________

Check the appropriate box below to receive the course material and provide street address for 1st shipment via UPS.

  Home                                Company

Signature: ___________________________________________  Date: _________________

 I agree to abide by the copy rights of TBSC, Inc. and course materials will only be used by me as participant.

This completed form must be returned by the sign-up date to secure your enrollment.  Indicate the appropriate educational Series Number, make your check payable to Total Business Service Center, Inc. and mail to:

TBSC, Inc.                                                                      E-mail: info@planetquality.com

Educational Series _____                                            Website: www.planetquality.com

PO Box 20884, Rochester, NY 14602-0884                 (T) 585-385-7570   (F) 585-385-5662

PRINTING - Please set your top and bottom margins to 0.5" to print this form on one page